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Fine-Tune Twitter’s MagicRecs

Twitter MagicRecsTwitter’s personalized recommendation account/service @MagicRecs now accepts and responds to DMs that allow you to fine-tune it. Below are the commands:

  • “Hi”, “hello”, or “hey” will prompt @MagicRecs to respond with a greeting.
  • “Help” will return a DM list of available actions.
  • “Tweets on/off” to turn on or off recommendations for Tweets it thinks you may find interesting.
  • “Users on/off” will enable or disable @MagicRecs from sending you recommendations of users it thinks you will enjoy following.
  • “Good” tells @MagicRecs that you like the recommendations it’s sending.
  • “Bad” tells @MagicRecs that you do not enjoy your personalized recommendations.

Visit their help page for additional information.


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